Our Story

Family. Love. Life. Truth.

Broken. Striving. Still standing.

We are people just like you, and we have been awakened to realities we can’t ignore.

Society would tell us that as long as something is good for you, that’s it. Nothing else matters. And if you are happy, that’s all that counts, right?

But is it? Is that really all that counts?

It’s what current culture might have us believe. We have been brought up in a society that glorifies “self.” When you think of a child, and all the demands that come with them, some might even say we were born selfish.

I was constantly seeking something I had no name for, no frame of reference for, and looking for it in all the wrong places, in all the wrong ways…  I was killing us, slowly and systematically, because whatever “it” was, it was never enough.

We had everything society would call “successful”, yet inside, I was morally and emotionally bankrupt, and my family was suffering. Then God finally woke me up with a healthy, do-or-die-type punch in the gut, courtesy of my beautiful wife.

How she stuck it out, neither of us know, other than by His infinite grace. But she did, and just like that, we were pointed in a new direction. We were given a new way to define life. A new way to define doing life. And a new way to define ourselves.

We were given a different way of looking at and seeing this world. We now see through the eyes of God and His great love for us, a love that is unfailing.

We were suddenly free to just love others as we have first been loved. And we could love indiscriminately, without fears of backlash or failure. After all, with God for us, who could be against us?

So, we set upon a new direction in our journey. In the spring of 2015, we embarked on our first family mission trip to Guatemala.

Our experiences in Guatemala changed us more than ever, in barely a week’s time. We fell in love with the people we met and the places we saw. We began making memories of moments that would change us and we began building up eternal treasures that we knew would last forever.

And throughout our time there, God unfailing showed us He was there, right in the midst of it, and that He can (and will) use people wherever they are in this life, no matter how damaged they may be.

Today, we are continually humbled by every twist and turn we take on this road we’ve been set upon, and by every visit we make to developing countries. Countries where we get to bear witness to lives being changed in a powerful and radical way.

These countries (and their people) are changed through economic empowerment and more importantly, changed through love. Even better, they are changed in ways that can be sustained for generations to come.

Along the way, we’ve met people who continue to humble us beyond words with their curiosity, generosity, and kindness, in spite of great adversity.

Reader, hear me. There is such need in this world.

Need for love. Kindness. Compassion.
Need for education.
Need for work and opportunities.
Need for solutions.

Especially solutions to end poverty and eradicate the evil that is human trafficking. More than anything, the commoditization of human lives and bodies is abominable. We’re talking lives and bodies as young as FOUR YEARS OLD… it has to stop.

We have to stop it.

And we can, I know that we can, because I serve a mighty God, and in Him all things are possible. He has already been making the way for me and my family to do our own small part. We have been introduced to people living and working on the front lines of this battle, helping to organize resources and make things happen.

Our hope has been strengthened by these experiences, and we are eager to keep moving forward, fighting shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters against evil and injustice and darkness.

Through this journey of awakening, our idea for An Uncommon Way was born. We like to think of it as our own small way of giving back and making a difference.

You know, our culture is notorious for making us feel as though we aren’t enough. That nothing we do for problems so big as hunger, clean water, and slave trades could have any kind of impact.

That is such a lie.

Every action counts. And every inaction counts too. We can choose go down swinging in defense of the defenseless, even when it feels futile… or we can run for cover and trample over those in our path as we seek to only worry about “self”.

There is always a choice in this life, and every choice we make…. it matters.

So, join us. We all have the ability to give back something to this world and show love to our fellow man. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your contribution is. The point is that you are making one, and you are making one with eyes wide open, armed with truth, fully awake.

Remember we are all unique, important, and uncommon. And we are better together than alone.

Together, we can shake things up and change this world for the better. We know we are ready… are you?


Sex-funded terrorism, human and labor trafficking reveals the darkness hiding in the hearts of mankind. It is a twisted blot on the character of humanity, and the need to fight against such atrocities and beat back the forces of darkness has never been greater.

We are passionate about doing our part and helping organizations that are working hard to free victims of human trafficking worldwide, by helping to implement solutions that are both holistic and permanent. 


A bit about us.....

Our dream for An Uncommon Way was born from our firsthand experiences. We embarked together as a family on giving trips that allowed us to get up close and personal with our fellow humans.

These interactions revealed to us the needs of others, and opened our eyes to plights far worse than our own circumstances could ever have allowed us to imagine.

These trips taught us to see the world differently, and gave us an opportunity to love on those we crossed paths with in both large and small ways, as Christ first loved us.

Because of what we have witnessed, our burning desire is to share the love of Jesus and meet the real needs of people the world over… people that have no voice, no advocate, and no one in their corner willing to stand up for them.

We return home after each of these trips lit with an inner fire that we hope will ignite a similar enthusiasm and courage in others, and inspire them to embark on their own journey outside their comfort zones. A journey that we hope will lead them to choose to work alongside us for the cause of Christ.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we currently partner with skilled and creative artisans that work for ethical companies based in Nepal. We make sure our artisans are paid a true living wage, and that they are provided opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of their families in ways that are sustainable.

Without their handiwork and talent, An Uncommon Way wouldn’t even exist.

For every product we sell, 10% of our proceeds gets invested back into our artisan communities, and 10% is marked to support missions and humanitarian trips across the world. We collaborate with Giving Partners to plan how we can further our partners work by providing resources and services to support sustainable programs for communities in need such as Health, Clean Water, Human, Sex and Labor Trafficking, Education, and Environment.

The International Labour Organization has estimated that there are over 20.9 million victims of human trafficking across the globe. We are proud supporters of the International Justice Mission and their fight against this gross abuse of human rights.

Will you remain silent and perpetuate the problem?
Or step up, speak out, and become part of the solution with us?

Only you can decide.

Please check out our FAQ or feel free to contact us if you have more questions. And with that, we leave you with one final thought … sometimes, you might be the only Jesus anyone ever meets in life.