Our Mission

To break the silence and shine a light into all the dark spaces. We lend ears to the unheard, become a voice for the unspoken, and give eyes to the unseen. Our goal is to help people in ways that are tangible and felt, not merely talked about.

  • We pay our artisans a sustainable, living wage.

    Sustainability is vital. Our artisans earn a living wage, and we strive to give them growth and improvement opportunities that will pay dividends in both their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

  • We give back to help end sex-funded terrorism, and human trafficking.

    Sex-funded terrorism, and human trafficking is a force of darkness. We fight back by proudly supporting the battle against this abuse of basic human rights. Will you remain silent, Or step up, speak out, and become part of the solution with us? Only you can decide.

  • We sponsor aid trips, both local & abroad.

    Fact. Money gets things done. So, we strive to sponsor and support giving, mission, and humanitarian trips worldwide, and give God the thanks in our ability to pay it forward.

Our Vision

Poverty is a cycle we hope to break. Why not break it with us? We invite you to think differently about the world you live in, and join us in the battle against injustice and inadequate opportunities. We fight better together. And when we fight, lives are changed.

Our Story

People. Talents. Need.

We are committed to connecting those three things together in our effort to fight against human rights abuses and a poverty mindset that makes people believe they have no hope. There is always hope when people come together.

Our company is socially responsible and dedicated to selling and promoting the work of ethical companies all over the world. We give back a portion of our profits to sustain fair trade, end sex-funded terrorism, and support and empower others just like us, who want to make a difference and help those in need.